Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday & Smoke

We didn't go to Farmer's Market today. Not because it was hot, although it is currently 90, and we would have been miserable in the tent. We're miserable here so it's not that much of a difference. At least we might have made money while being miserable.

No, we stayed home because of the smoke. Whenever I spend more than 15 minutes outside my chest starts hurting. And I HATE my inhaler. I hate the jitters I get after using it (my hands shake and I feel all jacked up on adrenelin).

Beth kindly decided there was no way she was dragging me there when I might get really messed up. And the rule at FM is that if you go, you STAY all day unless you sell out. Which rarely happens to the crafters. Sometimes it happens to the farmers, but never the crafters. (There's a guy who has a carrot farm. The most incredibly wonderful carrots- they are almost like eating carrot candy- and he normally sells out in 3 hours. 3 hours! Can you imagine? The only thing holding him back from selling more is land space.)

Anyway, we were concerned about me ending up in the ER after a day spent in the heat and smoke. So we didn't go. And we're still miserable here. :-P

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