Thursday, July 02, 2009


After everything that's happened this year my youngest daughter, Abigail, has shown some signs of increased fear, nightmares and clinginess.
When you consider that every member of her family has been in the hospital, either here or far away in Anchorage, or been taken away from her in an ambulance, it's really more of a wonder that she's NOT having more problems.
Our pediatrician recommended that we take her to a play therapist, and I want everyone in the world to know how wonderful I think the counselor has been for her. Abigail goes in and plays, and the 'Play Doctor' (as Abigail calls her) talks to her about what she's doing, and what she's feeling.
I can already see some improvement in Abigail's fears, and she's only seen the doctor twice. Anyway, play therapy sounds so silly, but it's excellent. Just lets her act out some of what's been going on in her head, and deal with some of her anxiety.

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