Monday, July 20, 2009

We got a tent! Woo-hoo. =)
The girls are finally old enough to enjoy and appreciate camping. So we got everything major (tent, bags and chairs) and last night we did a test run in the backyard. Very fun.
Everyone started out being good, still in their sleeping bags, and at least pretending to sleep.

That didn't last long...
Abigail started wiggling around and moving her sleeping bag. Soon, they were down in the middle of them pretending to be caterpillars.

Enjoying the fan.

And it ended with enough wildness for everyone.
Abigail chose to come inside and sleep in her own bed, but Deborah & Jake lasted all night outside.
I guess that's as much prep as we need to take on the wilderness. We're hoping to get a chance to camp in Denali next month. We'll see. =)

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Laura said...

My kids want to camp out so badly. I will send them to you!