Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun Day!

I've missed a lot of Fun Days here on Becca's Place...

I'm extremely wickedly busy again. Now that I'm working two jobs, and running my girls to dance, and OT, and piano. Plus making jewelry for CHRISTMAS BAZAARS!

However, I want to keep up with the fun days. =) Sharing what I'm making. So, I'm gonna make it happen.

I made this piece towards the end of the summer. I'm very pleased with the glowing flowers. There is a bit of gold dichroic glass blended in with the red centers. Just lovely.

Crazy Dress Day

A couple weeks ago, the girls had crazy dress day at school. They wanted to participate, but both were very nervous about being over the top and looking bad.
I think we came up with fun costumes for both of them. =)
Abigail ended up desiring a slightly more conservative look, but Deborah looks crazy!