Thursday, July 09, 2009

Heat, Rain, and Getting Cool

It finally rained last night! Hallelujah. So the air quality is a little better.
It got over 90 degrees yesterday, which means that in our house it was probably 95. Blech. We finally went to McDonald's last night and let the girls play just so that we could all be cool. With the smoke so bad, I wasn't willing to let them do much running around outside yesterday and they were crazy with cabin fever.
After dinner we went to Mickey D's for some ice cream, coolness and play time. Then we went to Fred Meyer's for some milk. The girls went through the toys with Jake, while I looked at swim suits. One of the straps on my swim suit broke at Abigail's last lesson. And while it is still 'decent', it's mighty impressive right now. =) I have to say, it was kinda fun that Jake came along to our last lesson to take pictures of Abigail and me in the water. He liked the new variation on my swim suit. The best picture was the one he took from the balcony with me waving at him. And no, I'm not sharing the pictures here.

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