Friday, August 30, 2013

Saturday Smiles

On Saturdays I share a few things that have made me smile over the last week.

I admit it.  This has been a HARD week.  For many reasons.
First, I started work again.  I'm a reading tutor during the school year, and I enjoy it very much.  However, it's hard work- it involves lots of brain work and dealing with kids who often have issues.  They are great kids, and I have to figure out how to work with them and help them learn.
Also, both of my girls complained and whined their way through this week.  They are readjusting their sleep schedules and trying to deal with homework, new teachers and new friends.
Deborah's best friend moved away over the summer.
Abigail has realized she knows very few kids at her new school.
They both HATED school this week and they made mornings miserable for everybody.
I did smile this week, though.  About several things.

1) I made new jewelry!
I made some pretty things, but my camera is still MIA.  Blech.

2) Abigail got to go berry-picking with her class and she loved it.

3) Deborah has been recommended for the local youth orchestra by her orchestra teacher.
And she wants to audition.  We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Smiles

On Saturday I share a few things that have made me smile over the last week.

1) School Started!
My girls were gone at school all day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Peace and quiet reigned. And...

2) Abigail likes her new school!
Which is a miracle and thrill.  She has never really liked school, and we finally put her in the potential pool for one of the local charter schools which spends a majority of their time outside.  Her name got drawn out of the hat, and she was excited at first.  As the first day of school approached she started saying no, she didn't want to try a new school.  But she liked it!  And she wanted to go back.

3) I don't have to start work until next week!
I start tutoring next week on Tuesday, and I am thrilled to say that I'm enjoying the quiet at home while they are gone. Quiet and peace is an amazing gift.  I've gotten a surprising amount of work done without their constant presence.  I like my job.  I like getting paid.  But I also like accomplishing some much needed jobs. The job will come soon enough.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Smiles

On Saturdays I share a few things that have made me smile over the last week.

1) Farmer's Market
Beth and I have been selling jewelry as fast as we can make it, and we are really struggling to keep up.  I always remind myself at this point:  Must keep up with the inventory better during the coming winter... Will I do it this year?  I don't know...

2) Summer BBQ
Hanging out with friends and eating grilled halibut and s'mores.

3) Fresh Tomatoes
All I planted this year was a cherry tomato bush, and I've actually kept it alive.  Plus it is fruiting like crazy. I have more than 20 little tomatoes ripening, and they are so pretty.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Kid Stuff

I've got two adorable things my girls used to say...

My oldest daughter, Deborah (now ten years old and entering 5th grade) used to say she was going to "cl-olor a picture" instead of "color a picture". She said that up until she was in kindergarten.  I miss that one.

My youngest daughter, Abigail (almost eight and going into 3rd grade) used to say she was going to take a shower and wash her chest and her "nibbles", rather than her "nipples".  Harder to catch this one and help her fix it since most people don't go around talking about their nipples.  She really didn't get the difference until she was in first grade.  She still sometimes substitutes and "F" for a "Th", but she knows the what they sound like now, she just kind of lets it slide every once in a while.

It's true that I want my girls to grow up, change and experience life, but there is a part of me that misses their baby hugs, smiles and words.  I don't want them to be trapped in eternal child-hood, but much of that time was precious, simply because it is forever gone.  Except for in my memories.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Smiles

On Saturdays I post about a couple of things that have made me smile over the last week.

1) Rock Skipping on the river
Jake, the girls and I went for a walk last Monday and spent time skipping rocks.  We had so much fun!

Abigail is learning, and really struggling since her Dad is a lefty.  
At the end of our river walk I was able to get her to throw they with her right hand & she did better.
Jake is amazing!  He got a rock to skip about 10 times and it looked like it was walking.
skipping rocks on the Chena

2) Lovely summer
I've enjoyed this summer so much!  Most of ours summers are wet, cloudy or covered in smoke from wild fires.  This summer has been beautiful and warm with lots of golden sun.  I've thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I'm shocked that we only have one more full week til school starts.

3)  The Fair
We went to the fair last Sunday, and has FUN!  Wild and crazy fun.  Rides, animals, beads, crazy loud music, fair food...  We spent way too much money, but came home tired and happy.  I'm so glad we went!

Abigail and Deborah with their pixy sticks 
Abigail in the bouncy house (they LOVED this ride & it was worth the money!  
They got to jump in there forever- probably 15 minutes.)
Deborah riding Sunshine

Sleepy Critters

Tree Wing Studio is giving away one of her precious little sleepy critters beads.   I don't want you to go over there and try to win something, because I want to win!  However, I am going to show you how sweet and adorable her beads are, and I am going to say her deadline is coming quickly...

Friday, August 02, 2013

Saturday Smiles

On Saturday I post about a couple of things that have made me smile over the last week.

1) I found another wire artist I like!
Cheryl Parrott Jewelry's Etsy shop is a delight.  I love the organic nature of her jewelry and how she captures different seasons.  I want to grow up to be just like her.
I want to share some of my favorite pieces she has made:

She makes amazing pieces and I am so pleased to have found another wire artist. I wish I could work in silver wire as she often does, maybe soon.

2) My girls, my sister and I went to Chena Lakes Recreation Park on Thursday.
We had so much fun playing in the water.  I waded around while they swam, then we had a wonderful picnic.  I've got a sunburn for the first time in about 10 years.

3)  Pearls, pearls, pearls...
I've made about three pearl wire necklaces this week, and hope that they sell out again! 

at the beginning

in white pearls