Gallery of Completed Work

Here are some of the pieces I have created over the last 5 or 6 years.

Bloom Necklace (metal-smithing work)

Jasper Charm Necklace (wire-work)

Leaf and Flower clasp earrings (wire-work)

Ancient Aspen Bracelet (metal-smithing work)

Leaf Cuff Bracelets (metal-smithing work)

Birdie Tweeting on a Wire

Botany Bay Necklace
In Memory of my Dad

Autumn Gold Wire-work Necklace

Butterfly Crystals Wire-work Necklace

Silver and Copper Butterfly Earrings (metal-smithing work)

Filigree and Crystals Butterfly Necklaces

Copper and Cream Vintage Button Bracelet

Phoenix in Fire Wire-work Necklace

Flower Filigree Wire-work earrings

I Will Wear Purple Earrings- Lucite and Glass Flower Earrings

Balance Pendant- Silver, copper and Blue Gold-Stone (metal-smithing work)

Mermaid Wire-work Necklace

Flower Cuff Bracelet- silver, copper and leather (metal-smithing work)

Copper and Pearl Flower Earrings (metal-smithing work)

My Rose Garden Bracelet

Fire Flower Wire-work Necklace

Set it Free Necklace

Tea Garden Bracelet

Blue Gold-stone Spiral Necklace (metal-smithing work)

Sun Pendant (metal-smithing work)

Sun Spot Wire-work Necklace

Flower Wire-work Necklaces

Sweet Daisy Wire-work Necklace

Pearl and crystals Wire-work Hair vine

Leaf on Copper Pendant (metal-smithing work)

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