Monday, July 20, 2009

A Letter From God

Dear child,
Distractions are everywhere. There are voices, sounds, worries, and the continuous battle between spirit and your flesh. I’m not asking you to try to achieve anything in your own strength. I just want you to look to Me. I’ll part your personal Red Sea. I know that at times you feel hemmed in by this quaking monstrosity you call life. Turn toward Me. The challenges seems to be right in front of your face. Turn away from them and trust me with the battle. If only you could see the world from My perspective. I defeated the enemies you fight. So turn your eyes, your face, your feet… Turn your emotions, your burdens and your dreams- turn every broken part of yourself over to me. Lift your eyes. Your redemption is today. Focus solely on me. There’s light in the darkness. There’s hope in despair, there’s freedom, celebration, release, and purpose. Focus. It’s just a small adjustment but it changes everything. Turn to me and watch everything else become strangely dim. So turn… Turn to Me.

Written by Matt Tullos

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