Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Faith Clipboard

Here's one of the other clipboards I've done recently. Again, my goal was to create a usable and unusual piece of art.
I know I've done well on the 'usuable' part of my goal.
And I am more pleased with the 'unusual' aspects of this one... I feel like I am making progress in how I want these to look. It's like the next step in my clipboard art, and I've got a LONG way to go still towards getting the result I want.
It has taken me many years to get where I am with my jewelry, and I know how far I still have to go with that. I don't know enough about the collage stuff for me to make a guess on how long it will take to get where I want to be!

The open butterfly was cut from a box of butterfly stamps my sister gave me, and the pictures of butterflies are from a Birds and Butterflies mag. I fiddled with the pictures on this one forever- at least 2 days of thinking and making decisions.
Again, I'm not sure about the pricing on these pieces. Right now, I'm asking $35. I'm going for mid-price, but I'm not sure if I should go higher or lower.

I'm not convinced that anyone would actually buy one of these for themselves. I'm thinking they are more of a gift item- something you'd give a teacher or a mom who always needs to have a clipboard on hand.

One of the things about the front of the clipboards- I can't do much to them, or the collage will affect the paper attached to the clipboard. Who wants funky lines and shapes on their grocery lists, or their class attendance sheet? So, I'm keeping the fronts attractive, but simple.

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