Monday, July 06, 2009

Bloom clipboard

Okay, so this is the first of the four I completed. As much as I like the sunflowers, I'm a little disappointed with the end result...
I wish this one was a little more 'arty' and a little less commercial. My goal with these clipboards was to create a usable piece of unusual art-work.
I achieved the 'usable' portion of my goal very well. Each side of the clipboard has 7 coats of mod podge- I sanded in between coat 4 and 5. Then sanded again after the 7th coat. Finally, I varnished the entire thing to create a durable water-resistant surface.
However, I'm not convinced I achieved the 'unusual' part of my goal, particularly with this one. It's pretty, but not all that unique. And I'm annoyed with how the flower lays over the bric-a-brac ribbon. I wish I knew more, and could have solved the problem more effectively. I am learning as I go, and getting better at recognizing what tools, glue, decoupage medium to use when...
I have had some people express interest in the clipboards at Farmer's Market, but no bites yet. Right now, I'm charging $35 for them, and I have NO idea if that's about right... People have no idea how long it takes, and I don't really expect them to... I've looked at Etsy for other work along these lines, and I'm really not seeing it. I've seen some stuff with only one side done, or with 3 pieces of paper (more like how I've done the front), but nothing that ties it all together yet. Some of it was priced much higher $65, and some of it was priced much lower $15, so I was going for mid-range... We'll see how it goes.

Clipboard Front

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