Friday, July 17, 2009

Simple Joys

The simple things in life are sometimes taken for granted.
Here's the challenge: List ten of the greatest joys you get from the simplest things in no particular order.
(No cheating! No big moments allowed here. You can't list the day your kids were born or the day you got married!)
1. Watching my girls play happily together

2. Feeling beautiful- could be a good hair day, or wearing the right outfit

3. When Jake gives me an honest compliment- My husband uses words carefully and he has the ability to make me feel special in a way no one else can, His belief in me makes it possible for me to attempt things I'd never try on my own.

4. Having one of my jewelry designs work out and look beautiful

5. Listening to my girls laugh/their big belly laughs

6. Singing worship songs

7. Being silly with my husband

8. The smell of the ocean

9. Hugs from my family- my girls, Jake, Beth, my mom

10. A piece of art that hits me and fills something I didn't know was empty
Jake took this picture on a backwoods trail in the Fairbanks area.

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B & B said...

1.waking up with nene (my six pound kitty) on top of me

2.making art

3.listening to my two nieces giggling together

4.late night campfires

5.sitting around talking with my dearest friends and family

6.bead shopping

7.finding the perfect gift for a loved one

8.catching sight of a wild animal

9.petting dogs and cats

10.reading a really good book