Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time Flew

I am shocked.  I really had no idea it had been this long since I'd posted.
I knew it had been a while... But 7 months?  No, I did not know it had been that long.

I have been busy with classes and a new job.  Being a mom and a wife.  Trying to keep my house-hold running.  Making some jewelry.  Painting some.

I'm now working at the local library as a page, which means I put the books that people turn in back on the shelves.  I alphabetize them, and then scoot around the library with my little wheelie cart and put them back.  It's good, and I enjoy still working in literacy.  I like that my job stays at work and that I don't come home all upset about giving kids detention for their recess behavior or ranting about the way my supervisor is making me teach.  I love having instant access to books, and I have discovered so many new authors.  I have more opinions about books, and I'm pretty current on what people actually read...

I MISS the kids, though.  I miss talking to them and seeing their reading improve.  I come home after being quiet for three or four hours and my family is always shocked at how much I need to talk.  The worst part for me is that I now work on Sunday, which means that I miss half the church service...  Really stinky.  And I miss the time when you talk to people at the end of the service...

I have begun the process of becoming a certified teacher.  First, I have to take the five or six classes I missed in English, then I'll take a test, then I'll be assigned a mentor and do a year of student teaching while taking a part time class load.  I have a B.A. in Theatre, but nobody lets you just teach acting and direct shows unless you teach in a private school.  I want to be certified to teach English and Theatre.

I also really want to teach art....  This involves a lot more work because I had almost no classes in the art program, just beginning drawing & painting and all my metal-smithing classes.  If I just focused on the English I think I could be done pretty quick, but I've been trying to do both...  I think I might be more likely to be hired if I was qualified for all three, and I'm feeling compelled to do it.  I don't know why....  I hope God knows why.

I love the art, and after taking music, theatre, church and art history I have a rather unique perspective on the history of the world.  I do not want to take a regular history course at this juncture, but I bet I'd have fun...