Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surgery News

Today is the first day I've felt up to to anything extra since my surgery.
It went AMAZINGLY well! Thank you for your prayers!

I'm still tired all the time, and not up to much, but I didn't have the horrible reaction to anasthesia that I've had in the past. The anasthesiologist used a patch behind my ear that prevented all the general nastiness I've had before. YAY!

They found 4 cysts in & on my left ovary, and one very large cyst on the right. My doc actually turned the left one inside out to get everything. Isn't that crazy... I had some other nastiness that she cleaned out, but the cysts were the big news. I kept telling me that my left side hurt the worst, but when I had the ultrasound the right side looked the worst.

I'm in quite a bit of pain if I forget to take my medications, but Jake is helping me remember. ;)

Please continue to pray that I recover well. Also, turns out I am severely anemic- please pray that gets turned around. If I take iron I have some rather nasty reactions, so I have to go slow. I'm taking iron every three days, and eating quite a bit of beef. (which is bad for Jake 'cuz of his fatty liver disease... It's frustrating that what I need makes him sick. But it's fun that I should be eating big juicy hamburgers!)

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