Sunday, April 19, 2009

Percocet Dreams

I've been having the weirdest dreams this last week... Some of them are fun, but mostly they are just weird.
Last night I dreamed my grandparents (both of them are now deceased) put a new shower in a house I've never been in, and then kept coming in to check on me while I was showering. And I ran out of shampoo, and soap. Just weird.
I'm also wondering if I will look back on this week of blog entries and think that perhaps I shouldn't be blogging on Percocet...
Beth took me to JoAnn's & Walmart last night (I'm not allowed to drive). I needed some items for a project I'm working on for the girls and it took me forever to make decisions. I'm already a bit indecisive, and on Percocet it takes me much longer. She got very annoyed at me.
I tried to do a day without Percocet and ended up sick my tummy hurt so much.
I'm ready to be normal and move on with life after surgery!
I hate taking medicine. Especially medicine that makes it hard for me to think.

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