Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So little time!! What to do?

16 Days until Farmer's Market opens!
And I'm trying to decide what on earth I should be doing with myself...

Beth and I bought wood to paint a sign for our tent. We've never had an official business sign, even though we've done a summer and a half of FM!
So, we've got the wood, and I just need to prime it. But when I went out to the garage to get the paint I discovered all our buckets of paint froze this winter. They're completely ruined. Before the fun painting I've got to do at least 2 coats of shell white, and we're stuck till pay-day for that. As soon as we've got the primer, we'll start work on the sign. I should be painting on our sign!

I need to take pictures of all the new stuff so I have a record of it. When I keep photos of each piece as it leaves I have the idea and can work off it in the future. If it's gone with record, sometimes I end up reinventing the wheel. So I should be taking pictures...
I've been working on some new button jewelry- I'm pleased with it, and I have enough to start the summer. We'll see.

I'm well stocked with everything else because I've worked consistently 5-6 nights a week. YAY me! I have necklaces, bracelets, earrings- all ready to go. Except they're not tagged! Arrgh. So, I should be tagging the new things...

I'm feeling pressure to work with my wire and create some new things that have been percolating in my head- some wire decorative type things, and some new wire jewelry styles. Beth bought me a FANTASTIC book of wire jewelry for Christmas- excellent designs that work well with what I'm already doing, and I haven't worked on that... So I should be experimenting with some of the new ideas...

What have I been doing?

I've re-discovered a love of collage, image and decoupage work. During our second year of marriage in Seattle, I made Christmas presents for all my family from images, words and decoupage. I LOVED it. I was truly surprised at how much I enjoyed it that November. (Jake wasn't) And I haven't touched it since then. (moving, babies, toddlers, church job, jewelry...) Recently, I got re-inspired to try some because of several friends from Company: Marty & Sarah Gordan are both brilliant collage artists, and Jenny (Jones) Boyd makes unique paper art creations.

Marty's Collage Art:
Sarah's Collage Art:
Jenny's word and image paper art.

So, I'm making something right now. Nothing on their level, mind you! But I'm having fun. And if all goes well, and I enjoy it enough, and if the result is attractive enough, I might try to sell some at Farmer's Market. We'll see!

Here's my project- the clipboard I take to the grocery store.
It is UNFINISHED. No worries. It's not done, and I know it's not done. I'm working on the back, and since this is my first object attempt I'm going slow. Honestly, this is probably NOT what I should be spending time on right now. But it's where I'm focused. And I'm having a lot of fun!

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