Friday, April 03, 2009

Food Poisoning

I spent Wednesday night in the bathroom.
Throwing up. And throwing up and throwing up...
It's got to be some kind of food poisoning.
Deborah & I have a daughter date about 2x a month and on Wednesday we went to Fred Meyer and had a donut (hers) and a scone (mine). That's the only weird thing I ate on Wednesday. So that must be what it was...
I felt horrible yesterday. Jake ended up staying home to take care of the girls and me.
I stayed in bed most of the day and had crackers and chicken soup. The nastiest part was how much the vomiting caused my normal endo pain to double and triple... Oh yeah, there is a reason I'm supposed to have surgery next week... Poor tummy!
I'm still a little shaky and queazy today, but nothing like yesterday.
You know how bad it has to be for me to be praying that God would just let me throw up?

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