Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dogs in Cars with Horns

To enjoy this story you must first know that MANY Alaskans take their dogs to work, and leave them in their car. They'll go out and walk them at lunch. I would say that most Alaskans have dogs, and most cars or trucks have dogs in them. In fact, when I first moved to Texas I had a funny habit of walking around the open beds of trucks. It wasn't until someone asked me about it that I realized it was 'cuz I expected a dog to jump up and defend his/her territory. Ha!
Anyway, on to the story.

Jake normally gets picked up from work around five o'clock.
On Saturday, Beth had an appointment so he ended up waiting for her for more than half an hour. It was around 40 degrees, so not too bad.
A guy walked by Jake taking his dog for a walk, so a couple dogs in a truck started barking at the dog. Then one of the dogs in the truck started howling. It was time for their person to be out of work! Then the other dog in the same truck started howling, too. Then the first dog moved their paws to the wheel of the truck to get a better howling position. And they planted their paws on the car horn.

For more than five minutes Jake was seranaded by two howling dogs and a constant car horn. What bliss! He ended up with a headache.

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