Sunday, April 19, 2009

My First Walk Since My Surgeries

I just took a 20 minute walk, and you know what? It DIDN'T HURT!!!
Since about last June I haven't been able to walk without pain. Sometimes severe, and sometimes I couldn't move my right leg without really fighting it.
They cynovial cyst in my back was blocking my spinal cord and my ability to move my legs correctly, and it cause a LOT of pain.
Plus, the endometrial cysts caused a lot of pain in my tummy.
Over the last year I've gained 15-20 pounds because I hurt. I couldn't walk, and the stress of the pain and all the ridiculousness in our house has caused me to eat in a way I normally don't. I've gained a crazy amount of weight in one year and I'm ready for it to be gone. I'm ready to do the work it will take to get it gone.

Thank you, God for my back surgery. I was so scared about it, and the cyst, but you took care of it. And now I can walk again! Thank you for a good surgeon, and an amazing recovery. Thank you for the surgery to remove my ovarian cysts, and the pain that is going away. Thank you for a good Ob/Gyn doctor. Please help me lose this weight and feel better and be healthy!

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