Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week Wrap Up

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Grateful Note: Well, the 'blogging-every-other-day' thing didn't work last week. Deborah had a week-long Thanksgiving vacation, so I had a 2 year old and a 4 year old to entertain every day. However, I did have stuff planned for most days, and most of those plans worked out. A visit from our Early Head Start home worker, a trip out, a visit to our church's Cabin Fever Reliever. The only thing we missed was a trip to the library. Deborah's been in school for the last 2 days, and I am thankful for that!!

Thursday's Grateful Note: Thanksgiving was sweet. Jake stayed home, watched the kids until around 11 am, and washed some dishes. Yay, Jake! Which meant the kitchen was all fresh and clean to work on a special Thanksgiving meal. And I got to sleep in a little. My mom, my sister and I did some baking before Thursday, and worked on a good family meal that day. The girls are so funny! Many of the more traditional Thanksgiving foods are on their 'won't eat it' list. But we had a breakthrough with Abigail. She'll eat pretty much anything, unless she gets it in her head that it's nasty before she tastes it- then you can forget it- she just won't touch it. But today she tried some new things!

Friday's Grateful Note: Beth & I got up early and went in to a couple of the sales- JoAnn's & Fred Meyer. Mostly for Christmas presents. In fact, I have a surprising amount of Christmas completely ready! Yay, me.

Saturday's Grateful Note: Beth & I were at Pioneer Park for their Winter bazaar on Saturday, and finally, we did very well. Thank you, God! Plus we saw several friends from our old church.

Sunday's Grateful Note: Sunday, the 25th was our wedding anniversary. Jake & I have been married 7 years. This one's supposed to be the bad one, but I have to say it just hasn't been bad. We've had stuff going on- church yuck, finances yuck, limited time alone... Our limited time alone is the worst one... Since we live with my mom and sister, we're rarely the only adults around. Plus the girls NEVER go to sleep. (God, I wish I had not passed on my insomniac tendencies to my children!!!) It seems like we rarely have enough money or time to just go be a couple. I can say that we still really enjoy our time alone. We enjoy just hanging out with each other. Doesn't really matter too much what we are doing, just so long as we're doing it together.

I will remember this anniversary as the one Jake took me to the shooting range. Rather an odd anniversary activity... He's been trying to drag me for the last 6 months or so, and I DID NOT want to go. I've never shot a gun before and didn't really want to. But he's been insistent and persistent. So, I went and it wasn't terrible. Just not thrilling- although he was shocked that I did as well as I did. I don't know anything about it, but he was quite surprised! ;) I wanted everything to be in the black part of the target, but I only got about half my shots in the black circle. He was impressed that not only did I get every shot on the paper, but half were in the small target area. Too bad it wasn't something I'd be willing to work much on... I guess it's cool that I did so well for the first time.

We also went out to a Gambardella's, a wonderful italian restaurant downtown... Took our time and enjoyed the good food. We came away feeling good, and not too full.

Monday's Grateful Note: Deborah went back to school!!! Thank you, God for a good school. I love my daughter, but she's exhausting. She's this type A bundle of words, energy and demands. She wants to be entertained most of the time, and is highly talkative. Sometimes it feels like she's just sucking all my energy away. I wish she could entertain herself at least part of the time! I'd really like to know where on earth she got her need to be talking 90% of the time. She wakes herself up talking, and talks herself to sleep at night. Pretty much doesn't stop talking during the entire day. Anyway, much as I love her, school is a good break for me.

Tuesday's Grateful Note: My mom had a surgical type procedure today- the same one I did- where they inject hydrocortizone into your spinal fluid in the hopes that it will help with your pain level. We were all concerned about her doing this, but it went very well. They had to keep checking her blood sugar- it got down to in the 50's which is low, but they took good care of her. God, Thank you that it went well! Please, please, let it help her daily pain level.

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