Monday, November 12, 2007

School and Church

Deborah went back to school today!
Yahoo! I had about 3 hours without a little one underfoot. I put Abigail down for a rest and was able to do some quick house-cleaning... and sit down for a couple minutes and check me e-mail.

Monday's Grateful Note: Thank you God for Deborah's pre-school! She loves going and has several good friends. Plus she's already teaching herself to read! She loves the activities she gets to do- dancing, singing, digging in the snow, painting and dressing up (of course).

Sunday's Grateful Note: Thank you God for a church where the girls are happy! Everyone was rather sick still yesterday, Jake in particular, so we ended up missing church. Sad for the girls since they both get so disappointed about missing their kids church. Deborah cried and whined about missing it for a while, enough for me to know she was serious about her disappointment. We had such a hard time finding a church that it's a blessing to know that the girls really are happy there.

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