Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween photos

We haven't gone trick or treating with our girls- We might next year, I don't know. We live in a GREAT neighborhood for it.

So far, Deborah's been very excited about giving out candy to the kids that knock on our door. She doesn't like the scarey costumes (What's up with the 'dead' everything? Dead cheerleader, dead monk, dead pirate...), but she really enjoys dressing up and looking at the other kids dressed up.
Here they are watching for the trick or treater's to come...

They got to be fairy princesses this year- Abigail got the pink wings for her birthday, and Deborah got hers on Halloween...

All the Fred Meyer employees were encouraged to come in costume on Halloween, and Jake went all out this year. He even asked me to do his make-up... Which got all the compliments. Which is sad, 'cuz he fussed and fussed with the pirate gun he found... He wanted it to look 'authentic' since he works the gun counter.

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