Monday, November 19, 2007

Small Groups

Sunday's Grateful Note: We finally got to visit a small group from our church. We've been attending Friends Community for about 8 months, and I started trying to find a Bible study for us about 5 months ago. One group was too full, another was all young military couples... you get the idea. So, I found one we thought sounded okay, but they weren't meeting for the summer. Then in September they were too busy to start meeting. They finally started meeting last week and we couldn't go. But last night we got to go! And we liked it very much. And we'll be going back next week. Maybe we'll finally start getting to know some people at our church...

Monday's Grateful Note: Today the church did a 'cabin fever reliever' for pre-schoolers. They pulled all the chairs out of the sanctuary, pulled big toys in and rented one of those big bouncy air-trampoline rooms. The girls and I went and they ran and ran and ran for an hour. Wonderful. I let Deborah just go, but Abigail wanted me to follow her around- She's still pretty clingy. There were about 6 other moms, but they mostly sat and let their kids go. Which made me sad. I didn't really get to meet other moms, which was half my reason for going. But the girls are worn out and that's good, since this next week is Thanksgiving break and Deborah's home ALL week.

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