Friday, November 09, 2007


I've not kept up with my commitment to blog everyday...
My best reason is that everybody's been home sick this week, and I've been too sick to do much myself. Deborah's been home from school and Jake's been home from work. Deborah was whining around the house all day yesterday- still too sick to go back to school, but too well to be laying about and just watching tv or reading books.

Wednesday's Grateful Note: Thank you God for a sweet kitty who just wants to cuddle & purr while I nap.

Thursday's Grateful Note: I'm thankful for our Willowcreek Clothing friend, Joanne, who is letting us place stuff in her Holidays Marketplace booth. This is the HUGE Christmas bazaar at the Carlson Center (think "hockey rink covered with carpet and divided into 10'x10' booths"). The booths cost over $500! There was no way we could afford one on our own, and she was kind enough to allow us to stick our tall stand in her booth. God, please don't let her kindness to us diminish her sales!

Friday's Grateful Note: The girls are well today! Yay! They're driving me crazy, but they are healthy! I'm still not healthy, but I have a doctor's appointment today. They'll at least figure out if it's just a cold or something more insidious.

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Susan Stevenson said...

I stopped by to see Joanne today. The Holiday Bazaar was a MADHOUSE! I hope you did well today. :) I never saw it so crowded before. Probably because it's been so warm out and people were in a 'get out of the house' mood.