Saturday, November 17, 2007

Every Other Day?

Well, I seem to be getting in here every other day... I guess that's not too bad for a pre-schooler's mommy... I don't know. I wanted to do better!

Friday's Grateful Note: My Mom and I got to go Thanksgiving shopping today! Our combined money went further and we've pretty much got everything we want for Thanksgiving dinner. Yay! We won't be returning to the stores during the next few "crazy" days.

Saturday's Grateful Note: My husband came and rescued me today! I thought Deborah would enjoy singing in the children's choir at church so I took her with me to the musical rehearsal today. Major meltdown. For some reason she'd thought we were going to church even though we'd talked about singing at a rehearsal and that she'd be with the big kids. Didn't seem to have stuck though. We got there early and as soon as she realized we'd be in a different room with lots of chairs and kids she didn't know she COMPLETELY fell apart- Crying, pulling on me, begging me to let her go to her room. Except we went there and she discovered that her class wasn't meeting. So, I went and called Jake and he came and got her... More crying when she realized I wasn't going with her, but he just took her away and left me to do what I had to do. Thank you God for my husband!

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