Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good Day

Today's been one of the best days I've had in a while...

-I'm on antibiotics and not so tired. Maybe getting better!

-The girls weren't quite so whiney, although Deborah is DEFINITELY ready to go back to school.

-I got to go to a Christmas children's musical rehearsal today! I MISS working with the kids at Shannon Park, probably more than anything else. I enjoy them, seeing them getting it, and teaching them little bits about music and drama... They've already got a musical director, and he pretty much knows exactly what he wants. (not to be too negative, but he wants the 'grampa tells the kids about the baby Jesus', version 1337-cA2 musical) However, I'll be writing portions of it, so maybe I can spruce it up a bit... I know it's hard to be creative with the 2007th retelling of the Christmas story, but I wish we could do something a little more fun than 'same old, same old'. However, it's not my choir. It's not my deal this time through.. Thank you God that I'm getting to work with kids, and do drama and music. Please calm my restive, seeking, creative nature and help me just enjoy the relationships I'm going to build with these kids...

-I just finished a wonderful book! (After a string of fairly lousy stuff...) I thoroughly enjoy Sharon Shinn's take on 'swords & sorcery' fantasy, and I just got the third in her Twelfth House series. Yay! I almost couldn't put it down to go to bed last night and then I had time to read it today! I love revisiting characters that I care about... Shinn is so good at creating people you want to know, and that you can root for- She's also quite good at creating a horrible evil for them to fight against... And, YAY! Best of all! The story's not really over. There will still be more of these characters!

-All weekend a tiny little collection of our jewelry is being displayed at the Holiday Marketplace bazaar, and we were specifically asked NOT to be there. Is that crazy or what? Thank you God for Joanne! I also heard from several reliable sources that it's been crazy this weekend, so maybe we'll have sold something.
Saturday's Graceful Note: God, this week has been so hard. Me sick. Jake sick. Both girls sick and waking up every night. Thank you for a good day. Nothing absolutely fantastic about today- it just wasn't stressful. I am grateful for a calm good day. Thank you!

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