Sunday, November 04, 2007


Beth & I have SADLY neglected taking photos of most of our jewelry for the last 6 months... We've got so much that sold at Farmer's Market without a record of what we made. The only reason that's a big deal is that we both build on what we've made before- We can look at old stuff and go, 'wow. I really don't like that any more!' or 'What if I did this instead?' So, I'm sad we haven't been keeping any sort of pictoral record of our stuff. I've got a complete set of necklaces with a specific kind of pendant that are all gone without a single picture of them...

Plus, we've really made some very different stuff the last couple of months. We've been looking at magazines and getting ideas and have a lot of new stuff... So, here's one picture of some of the things I've made lately:

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