Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Okay, I knew the 'blogging-every-day' thing would be almost impossible for me, but I thought I'd do better!
Anyway, here are my thoughts for the last two days:

Tuesday's Grateful Note: I got to spend a little bit of time with Jake. He stays busy and comes home so tired from work. With the girls, making dinner and putting them to bed, I often don't get to spend much time alone with him. I like my husband. It's good to spend time with him and remember that- I wish we could do that more often.

Wednesday's Grateful Note: I was able to take a nap today! A nap is a RARE thing for me, but it was a weird day. Deborah woke up from a bad dream at 5 a.m. (she normally wakes up between 8:30 & 9) and she wanted to get up... So, I got up. Which meant a VERY short amount of sleep for me. At least Abigail didn't wake up that early!! Thank you God that it worked out for me to take a good rest!

Thursday's (today's) Grateful Note: My mom has been helping me with some household chore during the last two days. I hate housework, nobody else can or will help, and stuff tends to pile up. I often end up feeling like an ant trying to battle a giant, or the little dutch boy with his finger stuck in the dam... With her help we've almost gotten ahead of the giant! Thank you God that she's been able to stand up long enough to do some of the things she wants to do! Please help her back cooperate with her mind.

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