Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Work Table Wednesday

It's Wednesday again! I get to share what's on my workbench.

First, the metalsmithing shop worktable:

I have quite a few projects going on in the shop, right now. The most important ones are the three across the middle front.

1) Starting on the left, my toggle clasp! I got to cast it, and it has turned out exactly as I hoped.

2) Next to the clasp, is a butterfly pendant I've been working with for a while. And I'm still not done. I want to patina the pendant so that the leaf stands out.

3) On the right, is the lid to my box. I've got a lot of work left on the box, but I'm glad to make a start.

Here's my home work table:
I finished the dangle for the pearl and crystal necklace. Yay! One project down. And now that I have the clasp end, I should be able to complete the nesting branch necklace.

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