Monday, March 14, 2011

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge

A monthly challenge occurs over at the Art Bead Scene blog-

Artists are encouraged to springboard off a chosen picture and it's color palette to create a complete piece of jewelry (so not just a single art bead or pendant), and then submit a picture of it as an entry.

I would love to start participating in this challenge! Especially since I have started to create my own components and focals. (which thrills and delights me!) And the use of an original 'art bead' or pendant is a requirement. I can't just string up a bunch of dyed pearls. I must use a unique piece made by myself or purchased from the creator. For more on the rules:

We'll see. At this particular moment I'm not feeling inspired by this Paul Gaugin painting.... But it could happen. And I have until March 31st to develop an idea from this warm, rich palette of colors.

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