Friday, March 18, 2011

Saturday Smiles

10 Things that make me smile:

1) Spring is here! My spring is probably different than yours, though. LOL. Spring in Fairbanks, Alaska means neg 15 to plus 30 degrees, dirty snow and icy roads. All the photos I could find of break-up were copy-righted so I'm going to have to go outside tomorrow and take some break-up photos.

2) Don Williams music
I grew up listening to my mom's country music- and Don Williams was one of her favorites. Hearing his songs makes me think of Oregon & California.

3) Sitting on the couch with my husband and watching tv. We have a little two person love-seat, and when he & I sit there, we're close. Real close. Practically on top of each other close.

4) My bead tray! I love my bead buddy tray, and it certainly shows the wear of my love.
My tray holds at least two projects well, and I generally have more than that going at a time. It travels with me to our bazaars and the Farmer's Market.
Beth and I frequently have people who need re-sizing on our jewelry, and if it's possible we do it right there. Also, we spend so much time away- 2 full days a week- and I can't read at bazaars- it takes too much attention, so I have to have something to do. I can do beadwork and talk to customers or Beth.

5) Mercedes Lackey books
She has written many series, and over 100 books. These are my particular favorites:
Valdemar Universe,
Five Hundred Kingdom,
Elemental Masters, &
Diana Tregarde.

6) Dinner at Chili's
Fell in love with Chili's while in Ft. Worth, and now that there's one in Fairbanks I'm a happy girl. We only go out once or twice a month, but Chili's is pretty high on our 'favorite restaurants' list.

7) Brownies- Rich, chewy, fudgy brownies

8) Learning something new in Metal-smithing.
I'm a slow-poke while I'm learning. I want to do a new process at least 3 times and really understand it so that I can do it completely on my own. But I LOVE getting it, and being able to explain it to someone else.

9) Listening to my husband explain something he's excited about.
When he is learning something new or involved with something new, he completely dives into it. He reads several books, and studies about it on-line. Since he damaged his beautiful camera and we can't repair it yet, a friend loaned him a Canon EFS. Jake has submerged himself in the subject of the new camera.

10) Sharing books with friends
I love sharing titles and talking about books. I love talking about a favorite author with someone else, and going into story-lines, and discussing characters. I honestly miss Litereature classes in high school and college. Even the papers. That's just wrong, isn't it?

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