Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have been incredibly dark the last few days.
Life seems overwhelmingly bleak.

I think I'm shocked at how horrific the Japanese tragedy has become... My sister asked me what was wrong today. I snapped at her, and have been incredibly short with my children.

And isn't that exactly the wrong response I should have??
Shouldn't I want to hold them and be kind and compassionate?
Shouldn't I be thankful that I have my loved ones with me?
That I know where they are?
That I know there is food and water for them?
That we are all okay?
Shouldn't I be thankful for the safety of my family?

Why am I so overwhelmed with the tragedy this time?
I was appalled by the tsunami in Indonesia.- Did you know one in every five Indonesians died or was severely injured?
I was shocked by the earthquake damage in Chile. Over 500,000 homes were destroyed.
I cried as I saw the destruction in Haiti. All the major hospitals were destroyed. More than 1300 schools and all the health care facilities were damaged.

I think there is so much devastation and loss of life that I have become overwhelmed. I do not see how everyone can possibly be saved. Haiti is still in a horrible situation. Now Japan, too...

God, please provide water & food for the Japanese people. Please provide care for those who need it, and rescue for those still trapped. Thank you for the amazing rescue stories I read today. But there are still so many who need help. I am only one person, and I can't do much. God, please be the God who provides- provide what is needed.

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Jill said...

I pray that God uses this devastation to bring more people to Him. That it will serve as a reminder that our lives can be taken from us in an instant and that we should try to enjoy every second of the precious life He has given us. My heart goes out to the Japanese, as well as the rescue workers who are risking their well-being by trying to save lives.