Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Smiles

Here are 10 things that make me smile:

1) Family Reunion pictures
I loved those reunions when I was a kid. I have an enormous family on my mom's side (12 in my grammy's generation, over 50 in my mom's and a LOT in mine), and we used to go to the annual Durrette reunions when we lived down south (South to me is Oregon!). I miss living closing enough to go to these events and am sad my girls still haven't experienced a huge family reunion like I did.

2) Finding out that there are more Liaden stories out there!
I've read all the major stories in the Liaden universe by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. However, in a recent Google search I discovered many Liaden short stories I haven't read yet. And I am thrilled! I love the depth of their universe- all the wonderful characters, and the fascinating histories. I've ordered three of the books, and hope to receive them soon!

3) Finishing a beading project-
I just finished two bracelets and a pair of earrings for a repeat customer. I love the satisfaction of holding an item in my hands and knowing that I made it. Funny. I never considered myself someone who made things. I always created ephemeral art- songs, dance, theatre... And now I have the contentment of making beautiful items that people wear.

4) My cat, Luna-
She's like holding a little fire 'cuz she exudes heat, but I love holding her & listening to her purr. She is the most stupid cat I've ever met, and her sheer persistence & stubborness would wear out the most patient person on the earth. But she's a sweet girl who lives to be close to her people.

5) Road Trips
I love driving in the car with friends or family. Going for fun, or for a job. I love driving at night in my own little world.

6) A new season of Supernatural!
I honestly thought season 5 was gonna be it. They wrapped the series up pretty good with the finale, and I thought that was the end. But I'm delighted to discover there will be more monsters and mayhem.

7) an afternoon nap
oh, yeah. Who doesn't like taking a little nap during the day?

8) Rocking my girls at night
I hold & rock each of them for two songs before they go to bed. It gives me a chance to cuddle with them even when we've had a bad day, and it gives them the opportunity to calm down and let the day go. (Deborah asked me how I'm going to do it when she's taller than me. I don't know. We'll cross that bridge later. Right now, she's 7 and still wants me to hold her. Thank you, God!)

9) The silence in our house when I'm still up and everybody else is in bed... 6 people do not a quiet house make...

10) ABBA- Yes, I smile when I listen to ABBA. In particular, I like "Fernando". I don't know why. I just do.

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