Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break-Up

I created a pictorial version of my trip to get Jake home from the Museum every night.

The first picture shows the pile of snow twice the size of the car as I drive down our street.

The second picture shows the round-about on campus that takes me up the hill to the Museum.
The University commissions a couple polar bear ice statues from the Ice Park artists every year- I particularly liked them this year. However, my picture isn't of the bear, it's of the melting snow, and the hill headed up towards the museum.

The final three pictures shows the driveway right in front of the Museum.
Jake was late, so I got the opportunity to take a couple pictures of the melting snow.
While the Bobcat is not my favorite part of the picture, it does a very good job of showing just how deep the snow is...

You can see the museum in the left corner of this photo, and the parking lot on past the museum.

I LOVE Break-up. It's so ugly and dirty as the snow melts and reveals all the gravel, dirt and trash.
Yet at the same time it's absolutely beautiful because I see winter trickling away... I know summer is coming! Flowers, and warmth and 24 hour daylight!

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