Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Current Project - Branch In a Tree

Here's the project currently possessing my brain.
I've got some major issues to deal with yet, but I'm hoping it all works out well:
The clasp hasn't been poured yet. I've carved the piece, but I can't pour it til next week, and yes, I'm nervous.
Until I have the clasp, I can't string up the right side (which is the left side in the pic).
I'm still trying to figure out how to attach the bird and have it hang right where I want it to. It looks perfect laying out on the board. However, I know that if I just string it up the branch and nest will hang willy-nilly... And I can't just solder a jump-ring on the back of the branch. It's too ripply, and the solder will just run and run and run... And I can't really solder anything close to that pearl anyway. So that's completely out as an option.
I made the wire underneath the glass beads! =) Okay, so that's probably not such a big deal, but it is to me. I couldn't find a wire that matched the bronze tree branch, so I cut bronze sheet metal, ran it through the rolling mill (over and over and over...), then I pulled it through a plate to get it down to the gauge I wanted.
I'll keep posting updates. I hope to finish this project next week.


Katie Howard said...

This is going to be beautiful! What a lovely piece! Thank you for visiting MomLife Today!

P.S. I am still checking out your blog. It's always fun to find new friends... but do you sell your jewelery anywhere?

becca said...

Thank you, Katie!
Yes, my sister and I sell our jewelry. We have a shop at which has NOTHING in it right now. We will change that soon.
We also sell locally (Fairbanks, Alaska) at our Farmer's Market in the summer and we have a few pieces in the AK Rag Company a local store.