Monday, June 02, 2008

Movie: Cloverfield

Oh, My! Aaaaaaaah!
We rented Cloverfield last night...

Okay, so I love sci-fi flicks. The Alien trilogy was excellent. (I try to pretend the fourth one was never made...) I love the Terminators, Star Treks, X-Men, The Matrix and Star Wars movies. Independance Day had it's great points and it's weak ones, but I still loved it. Serenity; I, Robot; I Am Legend; Pitch Black; The Fifth Element; Star-Gate; Highlander; Men in Black; The Day After Tomorrow; Tomb Raider; Van Helsing; Total Recall. These are my movies! The ones I reach for and enjoy most of the time... A few had some problems that I'd like to fix (story line or bad CGI), but in general, I enjoyed them. Many of them I love with every bit of my sci-fi heart.

Cloverfield breaks the roll I'm on...
It was AWFUL.
As in, I was in the bathroom throwing up. Literally.
I got so motion sick that I was nauseous all night. Jake couldn't even sleep in the same bed 'cuz every time he turned over or moved I got up to go throw up... Finally he took his pillow and a blanket and went and slept on the couch. I would have left, but I'd finally fallen asleep and he was so afraid to move that he crept out on silent cat feet. I had a five star headache (one of my migraines) and I'm still queasy this morning.

I know most people enjoy reality tv stuff. I don't.
I could get car sick in the second seat of an open aired bus.

The story line of Clover field is fairly simple. It's a monster movie with a twist- the main characters were at a party recording it on video when a giant squid/octopus attacks Manhattan island. The party-goers continue filming as they're trying to escape. They run around the island getting attacked by the monster and it's babies until they're all dead.

So, the whole thing is filmed in jerky swingy action packed motions. I only made it 20 minutes in until I was so sick that I thought I'd never be well again.

I think Jake liked the movie. The characters are interesting and the basic story line is kinda cool.
Too bad it made me sick.


The Renzntzman said...

I waited to watch it on DVD because I knew it would make me ill at the theater. I made it thru the DVD okay. Sorry you got so sick.
The movie itself was not bad. The biggest problems I had with it were 1) the herky-jerky camera and 2) the characters: you didn't care about them.
I'd like to see the same team do the same movie without the jerky cameras and some characters we care about.

sarahjanesina said...

Yep. It's true. What my husband said. I don't have motion issues with it, and I liked it okay except for the selfish Gen-Yers...when I am sitting there going, "Okay, monster, please eat THAT ONE next..." that's probably not a good sign. : )

becca said...

so... I had flu. I would have gotten a headache from it, but I was surprised at how immensely sick I got.