Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Difficult Day...

It's been a difficult day...
* When it rains & is nasty my girls are stuck inside and they just about bounce off the walls. They've been like two wild monkeys!
* I got to visit three different stores, tell my story, be nice and hope they'd reimburse my mom for all the stuff my sister bought.
*My husband has turned in his two weeks notice at Fred Meyer. Yes, I actually agree with his reasons, but it's still STRESSFUL. Reason #1: We received notice that they will not reinstate our insurance for the rest of the year. So, we've got all these crazy intense medical bills from his foot (ER, bone scan, doctor visits), and they're not gonna take care of him. Plus, they're not gonna take care of any of us again til the next sign up time which won't be until next January... Reason #2: Also, his new manager is apparently the 'boss from hell'. Well, she's not as bad as one of his former bosses in Seattle. (I actually got to witness her on a rampage, very pretty) Apparently, most of the other employees in his department have left since she arrived... Why do big companies allow managers to stay when all the people under them leave??? I've seen this happen so many times.
*I discovered I was very angry at my sister today. I don't like being angry. I've been angry most of the day... Makes me unpleasant to be around.