Friday, June 06, 2008

Milo & Otis

I have thoroughly enjoyed The Adventure of Milo & Otis. Deborah chose it at the library , so I checked it out with some trepidition. Here's my favorite lines:
Milo: But deep down inside we're all cats, right?
Otis: No. Deep down inside I'm a dog. I'm a dog.
I'm always leary of animal movies. Seems they're often written just for emotional trauma.
But Milo & Otis is delightful. Very silly. Just a fun adventure... Bit of a spoiler: And for purposes of escaping emotional trauma I will state clearly, they all live.
Dudley Moore is the narrator and he does all the character voices. He's quite remarkable. His fox is too funny, and the bounding dear cracks me up every time.
After watching it several times and listening to it while reading, I think the music is the key ingredient. The music maintains a light & silly atmosphere. If they'd chosen music full of dread or horror rather than silliness, the movie would be awful. The music tells you the adventure is fun and that even though it's a little scary, everything will be all right.

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Susan Stevenson said...

I have Milo and Otis in my library, even though my kids have been grown up for so long. It is one of my favorites! :) I saw it in the discount bin at Walmart a few months back for $5. I encouraged a friend of mine to buy it for her kids and they loved it too.