Saturday, May 31, 2008

Experiential Baby

My sister sent me a button for my FaceBook page that says, "Yes, that is paint on my face". I like it 'cuz it's true! Whenever I do any painting I invariably end up with paint everywhere. I can be painting for 30 minutes and end up with more paint on my face, hands, arms, clothes, etc. than she will have after 2 hours of painting...

I guess that's where my 2 year old, Abigail, gets it...
No matter what she's doing she ends up with it all over her.
Cookies? All over her face.
Her pudding? in her hair.
Ice cream? in her hair and up to her elbows.
In the sandbox? in her hair and ears.
At a playground with gravel? in her hair, pockets, shoes, and diaper.
Leaves? Oh, yeah.
Snow? Yup, she ends up UNDER it...

We have an Early Head Start home visitor over to our house about once a week. She plays with Abigail, talks with me over questions I have (potty training, sibling rivalry, etc.), and brings educational toys, books and games for us to play with together.
Last summer she brought the greatest thing- a water table. We filled it up from the hose and the girls were playing with strainers, containers and water toys outside. Of course, five minutes into playing Abigail starts dumping cups of water over her head. Cups and cups and cups of water over her head.
Remember, we live in Alaska. Water out of a hose is FREEZING here. Comes right up out of the permafrost (permanently frozen ground).
Within 15-20 minutes, Abigail's lips were blue and her teeth were chattering...

That's my experiential baby! Lucky she didn't end up with pneumonia from that one!

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