Friday, June 06, 2008

FB Games

Currently, my favorite games on FB are:
Scrabbulous- It's scrabble! I'm playing with some serious people, and just enjoying it. I haven't played Scrabble since I was a girl. And frankly, I always used to beat my sister. I thought it was 'cuz I was smart. It was 'cuz I was two years older than her. Duh.
Scramble- It's basically Boggle, only with a computer. I can play by myself, or against people in a live game room, or against friends. I like Boggle. A lot.
The Hatchery- I get an egg. I spend some points watching over it, and then a cute little baby monster hatches out of it. I name the baby, and take care of it... I don't know why I'm enjoying this. I think it's the fun of not knowing what's gonna come out of the egg. I also think that while I'm enjoying it right now, the delight won't last.

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