Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wrap Up

Tired. Had a great day at church.
Got some pictures of the band! Mostly lousy shots, I admit.
Wish I was a brilliant photographer! I used to be pretty good with my regular old 36, but the digital camera is still a new animal for me. I know I'll get better, but I get frustrated and sometimes just quit.
I love getting to take quick videos, though. I've got lots of little clips of my girls.
I know I'll be thrilled with those when they're teenagers and get frustrated with me. :)
They did a short drama reading today in church. I DON'T want to take it away from them, but man, I wish I got to do some stuff, too. I'm aching to do some drama. Like this empty hole in my heart. I'm delighted to see them learning what it means to use their skills in church. I'm delighted for them to be used and DO NOT want to take that away. I just want to play, too!
Wish I had my place.
I got reminded today that I belong to God. That I'm more than just his daughter. In a way, I'm also one of his tools, made for a specific purpose. Sometimes he needs to put a tool on the shelf for a while- give it a rest- let it heal.

God, am I healed enough yet to be used? I'm so tired of waiting on you!
I'm sorry. I know you know what's best. That you have a plan, and that I'm part of it. I know you see the whole picture and can figure out what has to happen before the next thing can happen. Forgive me for my impatience. Forgive me for my doubt.
Give me grace & strength, please. Grace to wait. Strength to stand.
Please don't forget me.

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