Sunday, September 24, 2006

What's Jake like?

There's a get-to-know-you game I've played with my drama classes and my youth groups. It's less about facts & what they like and more about their atmosphere, what they feel like. You send somebody (the guesser) out of the room and choose a victim, then the guesser comes back and asks questions trying to figure out who the victim is. I thought I'd try it here with my husband. So, here it is- this is what Jake feels like to me.

What color is he? blue
What flower is he? a daisy
What room in a house? a family room
What fragrance? something good baking in the oven- perhaps chocolate chip cookies, or pumpkin pie
What music? good acoustic guitar with a bass & drum
What kind of books? science magazine/ cpu (computer) mag./ astronomy college text / biography (yes, this one is more about what he likes)
What kind of chair? a comfortable lazy-boy, a little worn in, but it's got lots of years left

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