Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Facts about Deborah

Deborah is 3 years old and was born on May 25th.
Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite food is cheese, although she has a thing for cookies, brownies, and chocolate. Her next favorite food is pasta.

Her eyes are blue, and her hair is light brown. She has been in the 80th-95th percentile in height for her age since she was born. She is consistently mistaken for a year older than she is because she's tall, articulate and
talks a lot.

Right now, she is talking too loud on top of being an unending fountain of words. We just took a hearing test and found out she's having problems hearing... We saw the ear, nose and throat doctor today and she's up for ear tubes again next week. Plus, this time they're talking about taking out her adenoids. (Yup, Mama's freaking out...)

She sings and makes up her own songs. One of my favorite stories about her: About a week after her baby sister was born, Deborah took her little guitar, sat down on the floor in front of Abigail and made up a song for her. It went basically like this: "Abigail, Abigail, I love you, I love you, Abigail, Abigail, Abigail, Abigail, I love you."

She hates wearing socks and pulls them off the instant we get home.
She loves bubble baths and playing with toys in the water.
She loves building tents in the living room with big blankets and small pieces of furniture. They are forever falling down, and we all get tired of trying to help her put them back together.
Sheloves having her picture taken and delights in us finding a cute moment to photograph. (we don't have a digital camera right now and we tend to stock up on exposed film and get it all developed at the same time. Yes, we are pathetic)

She plays "I spy" when we go on walks, but often gives away the item when we are guessing. (no, Mama, it's not the flower, it's the house!) She loves taking walks and going to the two playgrounds in our neighborhood, and we try to take a walk every day or every other day. (I'm dreading the really cold weather.)

She loves learning- we are working on a pre-school book together with numbers, letters, matching items, and grouping objects, and she loves it. I have to slow her down and limit her to only 4 to 6 pages a day.
She loves books! She loves storytime at our library (the one for 3-5 year olds) and I hate it when we can't make it. They sings short songs, read stories and play music games. She loves reading on her own and making up stories to the pictures. She loves being read to by anybody- her mom, Dad, Grammy, Auntie Beth- anybody.

She loves playing dress-up, pretending to be either a Mommy or a baby, and playing party with her dishes and pretend food. If we let her, she'd probably spend a couple of hours in front of the tv every day, however, we've limited her to 2 half hour shows a day. Right now, she loves Berenstain Bears the most, but she enthusiastically will watch Between the Lions, Dora, Sesame Street, Mister Rodgers, Teletubbies (which her mother despises), and Winnie the Pooh. Her favorite long movie is Mary Poppins, although The Aristocats are a close second.

We have to be REALLY careful what she watches 'cuz she has terrible nightmares from rather innocuous things. One of the worst recurring nightmares was caused by a purple giraffe in a board book I picked up at a garage sale...

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