Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Deborah's demerol

So, today was the first time my baby girl had an IV and was injected with demerol...

Deborah had her third ear tube surgery today- (ear myringotomy, for those curious). Except this time they also did an adnoidectomy, which means her overly-large adnoids were preventing her ears from draining, which means ear infection after ear infection... I'm SO ready to never do this again!

My Mommy heart flips out every time that scrub-dressed nurse walks away with one of my girls... I didn't sleep at all last night for fretting over the whole thing, which is sad 'cuz it doesn't do even a wee bit of good to fret or worry. Our doctor's excellent and God is in control.

So, she's home now eating jello & popsicles and doing fine- a little cranky & lethargic, but still fine. And she'll be hearing us clearly again now. She's been talking VERY loudly and not understanding what we say to her. I do not want her to get behind in her language skills- While this is unlikely considering how much she talks (almost nonstop) & how advanced her vocabulary is (she's three & correctly using words like similar, dictionary, expensive & request), it's still a concern.

Thank you God for my precious baby girl. Please take care of her and heal her ears & throat quickly. Don't let me take her for granted, but please help me not fret so much about things! You are good. Thank you for reminding me that you love her even more than I do.

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