Saturday, September 16, 2006

Deborah devoured

Last night, we all went out to eat- all six of us- My mom, sister, husband, and both girls. So Jake & Deborah (our three year old) ended up in the way back of my mom's Dodge. On the way home they were playing around and being silly.

Suddenly Deborah yells, "I was just eaten by a daddy!" Oh, she was so upset! Almost hysterical. We're all trying not to laugh at her, 'cuz she's in tears and wailing. She goes, "I'm all gone! He ate me all up! I'm all gone!" To get her calmed down he started pretending to take the bites back out of his mouth and put them back on her- putting the bites back on her neck and legs and tummy... putting her all back together again.

The imagination of a toddler is a powerful thing. Don't mess with it.

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