Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Addition to Jake

What kind of car would Jake be? something very functional with a fun quirk... Definitely European... I don't know much about cars, though... Maybe a bright yellow Rabbit?
What kind of store? two options here- either a hobby store, with model airplanes, small woodworking tools & little pots of paint, etc. OR a locally owned hardware store with lots of different tools, copper tubing, fun electrical stuff, bows and arrows, etc.
What book genre? I kind of already answered this, but last time I said what he liked... What he feels most like is a How To Manual. Not the Woodworking- for-Dummies type series. A good serious approach for beginners in how to do something. Jake is forever taking things apart to see how they go together... I don't mind this except sometimes he doesn't put 'em back together...

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