Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jake's Bad Day at Work

Although my husband, Jake, doesn't keep his blog up at all, he is very active on an on-line discussion board, called He posts as starry host, and has about 80 posts over there. This is one of his about a day at Fred Meyer. It's so funny and so awful, I just had to share it.

Today I was sent out to our store's gas-station to relieve the Person-In-Charge (P.I.C.) for her break.
As I entered the station from behind, I wasn't greeted with "Hello," but with "Have you ever worked out here before?"
"Yes, Ma'am," I said.
"Who trained you?"
"I don't remember." I said.
Her negative attitude only increased.
Unfortunately, I have a VERY bad habit of laughing when under stress.
She said "You think this is funny?"
I tried to regain my composure and then started laughing. I LMAO!

She was terribly angry and stormed out, telling my P.I.C. on the way that I was a very rude employee and should be disciplined. By the time she returned I had one troublesome transaction in process and she went off about my lacksadaisical work ethic.

As if this weren't enough, I had to recover some merchandise from a trailer in the back-40 of our property for a customer. It was decided by myself and the freight crew that I should just take the forklift and unload the product the easy way. Unfortunately, the gravel surface upon which the trailer was parked didn't long hold up under the weight of my 14,000 pound forklift's teeny tires and I became mired. The entire freight crew came out to laugh at me and then proceeded to bring out another forklift to rescue me. Unfortunately, (again) the rescuer became mired and the whole thing began again.

To shorten the story, three chains, two 20 foot towing straps, one company van, one employee's truck, and a tractor-trailer later we had the two forklifts freed (did I mention the 2.5 hours of time four employees spent scratching their heads & risking their lives and the roughly 30 minutes 6 employees spent mocking our endeavors?).

That was my day. How was yours?

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