Friday, April 29, 2011

Saturday Smiles

Here are five things that make me smile:

1) Puddles
More specifically, splashing in puddles....
Yup. I spent the first nine years of my life in Oregon, and I have a little bit of duck in me yet. However, I admit my favorite thing about puddles is driving through them, and creating that huge wake/splash. It's particularly fun in our little car 'cuz there are about three spots in our neighborhood that have puddles large enough during spring break-up to cause a splash bigger than the car.
Yes, I know it's bad for the car. And I don't do it when people are walking, but it's so fun!

2) Rolling Mills
I love using the electric rolling mill in the metals shop. I want one so bad!!! And they are so expensive. For a little hand crank one it's between $300 and $500, and that's not counting shipping up to Alaska...
I use the rolling mill to imprint leaves and patterns on the metal. I love the effect of a leaf imprint...

3) Museums
Even before my husband worked in a museum I loved them. Now that he works there, it's even better. And no, that doesn't mean we get in for free. It just means we go more often. =)
One of our earliest dates was a trip to an art museum in Seattle. I forget which one, but it was so fun. Particularly because Jake had never been. He never would have gone without me, and now he works in a museum! I love that.

4) Monet's paintings
No. His paintings are not strident statements. They are not shocking or earthshaking, politically embued or modern.
They are just beautiful.
And they move me.
And they make me smile.

5) Jim Butcher's Dresden Files
I love the main character, Harry Dresden. I understand him, and love his passion and drive. Butcher's urban fantasies are taut mysteries with a touch of old P.I. novels.
I enjoy the mixing of genres. The characters are rich and interesting, and the dark under-belly Butcher reveals is fascinating.

His newest release in the series, Ghost Story, won't come out for another two months and I am eagerly anticipating it's arrival date.


Valette said...

You might find this poem interesting as well as the back story of Monet's eyesight.

becca said...

Valette- I knew about his cataracts & loss of eyesight, but didn't know about the color shift. Thank you for sharing!