Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge- Home

I finally did it!

I finally completed a project to share with the Art Bead Scene Blog!
I'm so excited. =) Here's the painting that inspired my piece.

I'm calling the piece, "Home".

I created the branch and the toggle using a cuttlefish mold that I carved. I poured brass into the mold and then cleaned it up. I looked at that branch and wanted a nest, so I wire wrapped it and attached it to the branch.
Then I couldn't find a good wire to match the brass- So I pulled brass wire to create the rosary chain. And then I strung the stone beads and added my toggle.
The nest caused the branch to hang awkwardly on the necklace, so I cut out the leaves and shaped them. I actually really like the way they look now even though they weren't part of my original design.

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