Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Work Table Wednesday

I'm excited to show off a couple of finished pieces and one still in the process.

First, I have a couple finished pendants to share:

My Butterfly Pendant is pretty much complete- I'm not sure how I'll string it up, but I'm looking forward to finding the right beads.

I'm calling this next pendant "The Memory of Trees". I wish the photo of the green Prehnite revealed the amazing depth and glow of the stone. Beth had the stone, and let me buy it from her when she saw it against the pendant. Just stunning. While the photo looks nice, in person the stone glows like a high quality labradorite or cat's eye bead.

Here is the piece I still have in progress- my Night Sky locket.

I'm in the middle of completing the hinge and I fought with it for quite some time tonight. The hinge is almost complete, and then I'll get to place the stone and work on the night sky...


Heather Powers said...

I love your butterfly pendant and can't wait to see the tree/box pendant finished - your work is amazing!

becca said...

Heather- Thank you!!