Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Work Table Wednesday

I get to share what's on my work table again!

First, here's my home work space:

I've been working on some bracelets made out of components I made in the metal-smithing shop.
The red & copper one is still in the process of being created... I ran out of copper jump rings, so I need to either purchase some, or make some. Then I will hook it all together, do some light braiding, and add a large copper lobster clasp.

But the green one is done! And I'm so in love with it that I may end up keeping it...

As for my Metal-smithing Work Table:

I actually have several projects in the works- some earrings, a couple pendants, two cuff bracelets... But the piece I'm very excited about right now is my sun pendant!

To created this pendant, I used a technique called Lost Wax Carving:

I originally carved this pendant out of wax. Then I created a mold by pouring investment over it while it was snugly held in a large can. After the investment became hard like concrete, I burned the wax out in a kiln, which left a space exactly shaped like the original wax pendant. Next we poured liquid metal into the hollow space and allowed it to cool. After cooling, the investment is broken off the pendant. Finally, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the pendant. I pickled, sanded, and tumbled it. After it was clean I epoxied the stone into the center.

And my sun pendant is complete!
And I'm delighted.

I intend to bead it up and then I have to make a very big decision.... Do I keep my first Lost Wax carving? Or do I sell it?

What do you think?

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indigo heart said...

keep! keep! keep!